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optolong astronomical filter

OPTOLONG astronomical filters launched since 1990s, OPTOLONG become China's first astronomical filter manufacturers, with independent R&D ability, has successfully developed more than 20 popular astronomical filters so far.Since OPTOLONG astronomical filters launched, with its high cost performance and good after-sales service OPTOLONG astronomical filter received the recognition from customers and agents both at home and abroad.OPTOLONG astronomical filter has been cognition by fans all over the world, you are welcome to join our local agent.

OPTOLONG sstronomy filters advantages

Optical performance: high precision wavelength, high transmittance, deep cutoff, good surface finish, no pinhole
Adopt precision optical double-sided polishing technology (< 30 ")
Halo is restrained effectively, good flatness (RMS λ / 4 or less)
Good substrate material, use German schott glass and fused silica glass
Aircraft aluminum ring by CNC machining, anodic oxidation treatment
Safety packaging, PP plastic box + PVC sponge + cartons

OPTOLONG Astro - Filter Serias

Nebula/Light Pollution :UHC-L/CLS/CLS-CCD/H-Beta/O-III/L-Pro
Bandpass Photo :H-Alpha 5/7/12nm/O-III 12nm/SII 12nm