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team optolong

Hailong Wang Guanghua Yang  Linda Fang 
General Manager Technical Manager PMC
The general manager Hailong Wang is the founder of Optolong Optics Co.,ltd. He had the experience of optical coating for 15 years 298 factory which is one of the largest telescope manufacturer. He is responsible for guiding in the growth of company since 1999. Process improvement and new product development is also his core ability.          The technical manager Guanghua Yang joined the company in 2003. He has the excellent ability of filter design and technical problem solving. He is responsible for the technical support for clients also the internal technical team leading.        Linda Fang joined Optolong in 2001. She is expertise in material and thin film coating planning. Experienced in trouble shooting, delivery in time rate keep 92% under the planning management. 
Tongwei Du May Xia Leo Yang
Production Manager Sales Manager Sales Manager
Tongwei Du joined Optolong in 2010. He was promoted to production manager as his mature experience on thin film layer design. He is responsible for the management of all type filters production. Fluorescence filter & Optical filter OEM May Xia is the manager of sales and marketing of fluorescence filters & Optical filters . She has an extensive knowledge of fluorescence and optical filter application. She and her team would assist your needs on fluorescence application and other optical filter application. Leo Yang is the manager of sales and marketing for astronomy filters. He is expertise in telescope filter application. He and his team would assist your needs on light pollution filters and planetary filters.