The Great Pumpin (SH2-232) + Tommaso Massimo Stella(Italy) + SHO 7/6.5nm

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The Great Pumpin (SH2-232) + Tommaso Massimo Stella (Italy) + SHO 7/6.5nm

Credit: Tommaso Massimo Stella (Italy)


In the Perseus arm, within the constellation of Auriga, a molecular complex can be observed that includes several nebulae.
The largest is SH2-232 while the brightest (in the center of the image) is SH2-235.
SH2-232 is also pleasantly called the "Great Pumpkin" and in the Hubble palette which assigns Sulfur to the red channel, Hydrogen to the green one and Oxygen to the blue, the pareidolia is more evident.
In that area, zones of past and recent star formation coexist with an extension of approximately 6.3 pc.
To reach it we would have to travel almost 6000 years at the speed of light.
I was content to photograph it for 9 hours from the good sky of Stigliano (MT).




Technical data
Date: 2024-01-13 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Sky: SQM 21.2 Stigliano (MT-Italy)
Lights: 48x300s Ha + 35x300s OIII + 27x300s SII - 9hr total integration
Setup: TS APO triplet 102/714@564mm, QHY 294 Pro mono, AZEQ6 GT, Optolong Astronomy Filter Ha 7nm/OIII 6.5nm/SII 6.5nm

Hope you like it.