Sh2 - 119 The Clamshell Nebula + Valerio Avitabile + SHO-3nm NB

source:Optolongpopularity:420Release Time:2023-11-11

Sh2 - 119 The Clamshell Nebula + Valerio Avitabile + SHO-3nm NB

Credit: Valerio Avitabile /Valerioavitabile-astrophotography (Italy)


Sharpless 119 is a large emission nebula in the constellation Swan that is little known due to its proximity to the inflatable nebulae North America and Pelican, which are only three degrees away. A bright star of magnitude 5, 68 Cygni, is visible in the centre of the image and its stellar winds ionise the gas around it. Several Bok globules can also be seen, whose star-forming activity makes the area a hotbed of young stars.
The shape and structure of the nebula clearly evokes a shell with a pearl inside, and for this reason it is also called The Clamshell Nebula, the pearl lost in the Swan.
Image obtained in trichrome using the Hubble Palette technique.



Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses:Tecnosky 90/540 FPL55 OWL
Imaging Cameras:QHYCCD QHY268 Pro M
Mounts:Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro
Filters:Optolong H-Alpha 3nm 36 mm · Optolong OIII 3nm 36 mm · Optolong SII 3nm 36 mm
Accessories: QHYCCD QHYCFW3-M-US · Tecnosky TK_spian25var1x
Software:Adobe Photoshop · Open PHD Guiding Project PHD2 · Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight · Stefan Berg Nighttime Imaging 'N' Astronomy (N.I.N.A. / NINA) · The EQMOD Project EQASCOM
Guiding Telescopes Or Lenses:Sky-Watcher 70/500 Guidescope
Guiding Cameras: ZWO ASI224MC

Dates:Aug. 17, 2023 ·  Aug. 18, 2023 ·  Aug. 19, 2023 ·  Aug. 20, 2023 ·  Aug. 21, 2023
Frames: Optolong H-Alpha 3nm 36 mm: 88×600″(14h 40′) (gain: 56.00) f/6 -10°C bin 1×1
Optolong OIII 3nm 36 mm: 45×600″(7h 30′) (gain: 56.00) f/6 -10°C bin 1×1
Optolong SII 3nm 36 mm: 62×600″(10h 20′) (gain: 56.00) f/6 -11°C bin 1×1
Integration: 32h 30′
Darks: 31
Flats: 30
Flat darks: 30
Avg. Moon age:  2.78 days
Avg. Moon phase:  10.03%
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale:  5.00