Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex + Blake Estes + L-Pro

source:Optolongpopularity:860Release Time:2023-08-08

Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex

Image Credit: Blake Estes (AU)


The Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex is a complex of interstellar clouds with different nebulae, particularly dark nebulae which is centered 1° south of the star ρ Ophiuchi, which it among others extends to, of the constellation Ophiuchus. At an estimated distance of about 140 parsecs, or 460 light years, it is one of the closest star-forming regions to the Solar System.

This image consists of 647 x 120 images stacked.

Camera: ZWO ASI 6200MC Pro
Lens: Sigma 180 Macro f/2.8
Filter: Optolong L-Pro
Mount: Paramount ME
Location: Siding Spring Observatory, Australia
A collaboration between Blake and and Christian Sasse




The colorful clouds surrounding the star system Rho Ophiuchi compose one of the closest star forming regions. Rho Ophiuchi itself is a binary star system visible in the blue reflection nebula just to the left of the image center. The star system, located only 400 light years away, is distinguished by its multi-colored surroundings, which include a red emission nebula and numerous light and dark brown dust lanes.