A mosaic of the Milky Way + Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti + Clear Sky filter

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A mosaic of the Milky Way + Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti + Optolong Clear Sky filter

Credit: Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti (Italy)

"We are located on the incredible island of Madeira off the Atlantic, in particular at one of its highest points, the peak of Pico Ruivo. This scene is probably mostly known, both as a daylight landscape, rarely, as a nightscape, and it is easy to understand why this scenario is the subject of so many photographs. The steep slopes of this ridge are covered by thick shrub vegetation that embraces and surrounds an ancient dead forest, characterized by beautiful pearls colored trees fossilized over time. The amusement that can then be felt during the night hours increases even more at the sight of these ancient creatures that extend towards the universe and our galaxy, the Milky Way, as if they drew their opal color from it. This image is a result of a mosaic of the Milky Way taken at 35 mm f2,8 iso1250 tracked for 3min and blended over its true landscape that has been shot with a higher megapixel camera at 16mm f2,8 30 secs iso6400. Foreground stacked and focus-stacked."


Equipment used:

Sony A7s astromodified (sky portion),

Sony 35mm F1.4 GM,

Sony A7IV (foreground),

Sigma 14-24 f2,8 DGDN,

Optolong Clear Sky filter,

FornaxMounts astro tracker, tripode, intervalometer.

Date:April 8th 2022

Location: Madeira Island, Portugal.

Hope you like it.