The Bubble Photo under L-eXtreme filter

source:Optolong popularity:1047Release Time:2022-11-19

The Bubble Photo-NGC 7635_M52


Credit: Mirko Tondinelli (Italy)

NGC 7635 (sometimes known as bubble nebula or c 11) is a diffuse nebula visible in the cassiopea constellation towards the cefeo border. M52 is very close to the open storage area and appears in the same field of vision at low magnitudes; Its main feature is a bubble of vacuum surrounded by a nebula, a HII region, at the southern edge of which there is an empty structure, caused by the radiation pressure of a blue, ninth magnitude, central star, whose star wind reaches 2000 km/s; It is a blue giant, who is also responsible for the ionisation of the nebula, which emits its own light. Its distance from the sun is estimated at 11 000 light years.  

This image was picked by APOD on 11th. October 2022


TELESCOPIO: Sky-Watcher Explorer 200P
Camere Di Acquisizione: ZWO ASI294MC Pro
Montature: Sky-Watcher EQ6 Pro
Filtri: Optolong L-eXtreme 2″
Accessori: Artesky 0.95x coma corrector
Software: SharpCap · Apt• PixInsight
Telescopio Guida: Sky-Watcher 80/400
Camere Di Guida: ZWO ASI224MC
Date: 24 Agosto 2022
Pose: 90×300″(7h 30′)- 30×30″( nucleo bolla)
Integrazione totale: 7h 45′
Giorno lunare medio: 26.91 giorni
Fase lunare media: 7.57%

Centro AR: 23h22m36s.2
Centro DEC: +61°23′27″
Campionamento: 0,571 arcsec/pixel
Orientazione: 254,502 gradi
Raggio del campo: 0,838 gradi

Luoghi: Pozzaglia Sabino, Rieti


The prestigious journal COELUM Astronomia will be publishing Mirko's picture of the nebulous bubble in its latest paper issue.