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The biggest sunspot of Solar Cycle 25 is crossing the face of the sun--and it's a beauty. Or a monster. The primary dark cores of AR3014 are all wider than Earth. The entire ensemble stretches more than 125,000 km from end to end--almost a third of the distance between Earth and the Moon. These dimensions make it an easy target for safely-filtered backyard telescopes. 



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AR3014 May 21th, 2022, Luigi Morrone sends pictures of AR3014 from the Amalfitan Coast of Italy
Another set of images under very good seeing and transparency conditions.
C14 Edge HD, Fornax52 mount, Asi 174M,Barlow Zeiss, Baader Astrosolar ND3.8 Full Aperture solar filter, Optolong IR Pass 685nm
Full resolution:
Agerola-Amalfitan Coast- Italy 


Hope you like it.