After-sale Channel was Officially Established

source:Optolong popularity:876Release Time:2021-08-19

Optolong After-sale Channel was Officially Established


Dear Optolong customer, 


From today onward, Optolong after-sale channel  was officially established. All Optolong filters will be labeled after-sale channel sticker on the back of the PE carton. 

Keep it, and you will find us forever. Send us email/message to if you have any query or issue on Optolong items. 

We would like to deal with your problems as soon as we get the message. 



In addition, L-Pro, L-eNhance and L-eXtreme are going to have product label. 



In order to improve the customer satifaction, we welcome your comment, feedback, message, testimonial, suggestion about Optolong filters. 

Contact us at

Thanks for your attention and support. Your satisfaction is our business!