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The Sky✨ Burns

source:Optolong popularity:2938Release Time:2021-05-14

The Sky Burns

Tracked / Stacked / Blend

Copyright: Mehmet Ergün


If we had extremely sensitive eyes, we would probably see the Milky-Way in color like this .. It's fascinating to even think about it.


IG: The sky burns

Tracked / Stacked / BleCDS

Samyang 50mm f1.4

Fornax Lightrack II

Optolong L-Pro

Optolong L-eXtreme


Sky: (60 x 60sec. RGB) & (20 x 180sec DUO) / ISO1600 / F3.2

Foreground: 30sec. / ISO1600 / f3.2

Copyright: Mehmet Ergün


Thanks to Mr. Mehmet that we could enjoy such an outstanding photo.


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Hope you enjoy~